Storyline Kevin James: Irregardless (2024)

Kevin James stars as a bumbling yet lovable janitor named Marcus at a prestigious private school. Despite his lack of intelligence and social graces, Marcus is known for his infectious optimism and can-do attitude.

When a new, strict headmaster takes over the school, Marcus finds himself in hot water as he accidentally causes chaos at every turn. However, his heart of gold and determination to make things right ultimately win over the students and faculty.

One day, a group of misfit students uncover a sinister plot by the headmaster to sell off the school's property for his own profit. With Marcus as their unlikely leader, they embark on a hilarious mission to stop the evil headmaster and save their school.

Through a series of mishaps and misadventures, Marcus and the students must work together to foil the headmaster's plans and prove that even the most unlikely hero can make a difference.

Filled with heartwarming moments and laugh-out-loud comedy, "Irregardless" showcases Kevin James at his best as he embraces his role as the underdog hero who saves the day.