Storyline The Bad Shepherd (2024)

"The Bad Shepherd" follows the story of a young shepherd named Marcus who works on a remote farm in the rolling hills of the countryside. Marcus is known for his excellent skills in tending to the sheep and is trusted by his employer, the elderly farmer Mr. Jenkins.

However, Marcus harbors a dark secret – he has been stealing sheep from the farm and selling them on the black market to make some extra cash. His greed and lack of conscience lead him down a dangerous path as he gets involved with a shady group of criminals who have their own agenda.

As Marcus becomes more deeply entangled in the criminal underworld, he begins to lose his moral compass and betray the trust of those around him. His actions have dire consequences not only for himself but for the entire community as well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jenkins starts to suspect that something is amiss on the farm and begins to investigate. As the truth unravels, a deadly confrontation between Marcus and his criminal associates ensues, with devastating consequences for all involved.

"The Bad Shepherd" is a gripping and suspenseful drama that explores themes of betrayal, redemption, and the consequences of our actions. Directed by Geo Santini, the film is a cautionary tale of how easily one can be led astray by greed and the allure of easy money.