Storyline Alienoid: The Return to the Future (2024)

It has been decades since the Alienoids invaded Earth, causing destruction and chaos wherever they went. The humans managed to fight them off and they eventually retreated back to their home planet.

But now, the Alienoids have returned, stronger and more advanced than ever before. The world is in a state of panic as the creatures begin their onslaught once again.

In a last-ditch effort to save humanity, a team of elite soldiers is sent on a dangerous mission to the Alienoid planet. Led by the fearless Captain Marcus and his second-in-command, Lieutenant Sarah, the team must navigate treacherous terrain and face deadly obstacles to reach the Alienoid's stronghold.

As they battle their way through the alien hordes, Captain Marcus and Lieutenant Sarah must confront their own inner demons and come to terms with the sacrifices they must make to save the world.

Will they be able to stop the Alienoids before it's too late, or will humanity be doomed to extinction once and for all? Find out in Alienoid: The Return to the Future.