Storyline Transformers One (2024)

In the year 2025, on the planet Cybertron, a civil war rages between the Autobots and the Decepticons, two factions of alien robots who can transform into vehicles and other forms. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, fight for peace and justice, while the Decepticons, led by Megatron, seek power and control.

The conflict spills over to Earth when a group of Autobots crash-lands on the planet, pursued by the Decepticons. Among the Autobots is Bumblebee, a yellow Camaro who forms a special bond with a teenage girl named Charlie. Together, they must evade the Decepticons and find a way to stop them from destroying Earth.

As the battle escalates, humanity becomes caught in the crossfire, with cities being destroyed and innocent lives at risk. The government forms a special task force to deal with the alien threat, but their efforts are futile against the advanced technology of the Transformers.

In a final showdown, Optimus Prime and Megatron face off in a epic battle that will determine the fate of Earth and Cybertron. With the help of Bumblebee and their human allies, the Autobots are able to defeat the Decepticons and bring peace to both worlds.

In the aftermath, the Autobots decide to stay on Earth to protect it from any future threats. Charlie and Bumblebee bid farewell to their friends, knowing that they will always be there to defend their new home. The movie ends with Optimus Prime looking out into the horizon, promising to watch over Earth and its people for all eternity.