Storyline Ordinary Angels (2024)

"Ordinary Angels" follows the lives of three seemingly ordinary individuals who discover they have the power to change the lives of those around them in extraordinary ways.

The first character, Sarah, is a struggling single mother who works as a waitress to make ends meet. Despite her own hardships, she goes out of her way to help others in need, often putting their needs before her own. One day, she discovers she has the ability to heal people with a touch, leading her to become a healer in her community.

The second character, David, is a high-powered executive who has always put his career above everything else. However, after a near-death experience, he gains the ability to see into the future and the impact his decisions will have on those around him. This new insight prompts him to use his power to help others and make the world a better place.

The third character, Emily, is a young artist who has always felt out of place in the world. But when she starts hearing the thoughts and feelings of those around her, she realizes she has the power to bring people together and help them connect on a deeper level.

As the three individuals come to terms with their newfound abilities and the responsibility that comes with them, they must navigate the challenges and obstacles that come with their powers. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about compassion, selflessness, and the true meaning of being an angel in the lives of those around them.

Through their interconnected stories, "Ordinary Angels" explores the idea that ordinary people can make an extraordinary impact on the world around them, and that sometimes, the greatest heroes are the ones who go unnoticed in the world. Directed by Jon Gunn, this heartfelt and uplifting film is sure to inspire audiences to look for the angels in their own lives.