Storyline Speak No Evil (2024)

Speak No Evil follows the story of a young woman named Sarah who is struggling to recover from the trauma of her past. After being brutally assaulted by a group of men, she is left emotionally scarred and unable to speak. Determined to heal and find justice, Sarah enlists the help of a therapist who specializes in treating trauma victims through art therapy.

As Sarah begins to navigate her recovery process, she stumbles upon a dark secret that threatens to unravel everything she has worked so hard to overcome. With the help of her therapist, Sarah must confront her past and find the courage to speak out against her attackers.

Directed by James Watkins, Speak No Evil is a gripping and emotional film that explores the power of healing and the importance of finding one's voice in the face of adversity. With powerful performances and a suspenseful plot, the movie offers a compelling look at the effects of trauma and the strength it takes to overcome it.