Storyline Venom: The Last Dance (2024)

After the events of the first film, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Venom have formed a somewhat stable partnership, with Eddie trying to use Venom's powers for good. However, their lives are disrupted when a new villain, known as Carnage, emerges. Carnage is a symbiote that is even more powerful and dangerous than Venom, and he sets out on a murderous rampage.

As Carnage wreaks havoc on the city, Eddie and Venom realize that they are the only ones who can stop him. However, they soon discover that defeating Carnage will require them to confront their own demons and make sacrifices that will test the limits of their relationship.

As the battle between Venom and Carnage reaches its climax, Eddie and Venom must decide what they are willing to do to protect the people they care about. With high-stakes action and emotional drama, "Venom: The Last Dance" is a thrilling conclusion to the Venom saga.