Storyline Sons (2024)

"Sons" is a psychological thriller directed by Gustav Möller that follows the story of a troubled young man named Alex, who returns to his small hometown after the sudden death of his father. As he struggles to come to terms with his grief and reconnect with his estranged family, Alex begins to uncover dark secrets from his past that threaten to unravel his fragile mental state.

Haunted by memories of his tumultuous childhood and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father's death, Alex becomes increasingly paranoid and begins to suspect that his family may be hiding something sinister. As he delves deeper into the murky depths of his past, Alex discovers a web of deceit and betrayal that leaves him questioning everything he thought he knew.

As the tension escalates and the truth slowly unravels, Alex must confront his own demons and decide whether to embrace the darkness within him or overcome it once and for all. With gripping twists and turns, "Sons" is a chilling thriller that explores the murky depths of family secrets and the dark side of human nature.