Storyline Black Tea (2024)

The movie "Black Tea" follows the story of Amina, a young woman living in a small village in Mauritania. Amina is known for her exceptional skill in brewing traditional black tea, a talent passed down to her from her grandmother.

One day, a multinational corporation sets its sights on Amina's village, seeking to exploit the land for its resources. The corporation's presence brings chaos and destruction to the village, forcing Amina and her family to fight back to protect their home.

As tensions rise between the villagers and the corporation, Amina becomes a symbol of resistance, using her tea-making skills to bring people together and rally them against the invaders. With the help of her community, Amina leads a peaceful protest against the corporation, demanding justice and preservation of their way of life.

Through Amina's courage and determination, the villagers are able to stand up to the powerful corporation and reclaim their land. "Black Tea" is a powerful story of resilience, community, and the enduring strength of tradition in the face of modernity.