Storyline Night Swim (2024)

Night Swim follows the story of a young woman named Emma who decides to take a late-night swim in a secluded lake to clear her mind after a fight with her boyfriend. As she slips into the cool water, she feels a sense of calm wash over her.

However, her peaceful moment is shattered when she hears a splash behind her. Panicking, Emma quickly swims to shore, only to realize that she is not alone. A mysterious figure emerges from the water, its face obscured by the darkness of the night.

As Emma tries to make sense of the situation, she feels a sense of foreboding wash over her. The figure begins to approach her, its movements slow and deliberate. Emma's heart races as she realizes that she may not make it out of this night alive.

As the tension builds, Emma must find the strength within herself to confront the unknown danger lurking in the shadows of the night. With a mix of suspense, horror, and psychological thriller elements, Night Swim takes audiences on a heart-pounding journey through fear and survival.

Directed by Bryce McGuire, Night Swim is a gripping tale of one woman's fight for survival in the darkness of the night. With stellar performances and a haunting atmosphere, this film will leave audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.