Storyline One More Shot (2024)

As a former professional boxer, Jake "The Hammer" Thompson had it all - fame, fortune, and a shot at the world title. But a devastating loss in the ring left him broken and defeated, forcing him to retire from the sport he loved.

Years later, Jake is now a washed-up has-been, struggling to make ends meet and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. But when his estranged son, Tommy, reaches out to him for help, Jake sees a chance at redemption and agrees to train him for a shot at the boxing championship.

As Tommy trains with his father, their relationship is tested and old wounds are reopened. Jake must confront his past mistakes and come to terms with the demons that have haunted him for so long. With the championship match looming, Jake must decide if he has one more shot at glory - or if it's time to hang up his gloves for good.

Set against the backdrop of the gritty world of professional boxing, "One More Shot" is a gripping drama about second chances, redemption, and the power of forgiveness. Directed by James Nunn, this film promises to be a knockout hit that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.