Storyline Lights Out (2024)

The movie "Lights Out" follows the story of a group of friends who decide to explore an abandoned warehouse rumored to be haunted. As they navigate through the dark and eerie corridors, strange things begin to happen, causing tensions to rise among the group.

As they delve deeper into the warehouse, they uncover the dark history of the building, including gruesome murders that took place within its walls. The friends soon realize that they are not alone in the warehouse and that a malevolent entity is lurking in the shadows, playing twisted mind games with them.

As the group struggles to navigate their way out of the warehouse and escape the entity's clutches, they must confront their inner fears and past traumas in order to survive the night. With time running out and the entity growing stronger, the friends must band together and uncover the truth behind the haunting before it's too late.

With tense moments, heart-pounding scares, and a gripping storyline, "Lights Out" is a thrilling horror movie that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end. Directed by Christian Sesma, the film is a chilling reminder that sometimes, the scariest things are the ones we cannot see.