Storyline Wanted Man (2024)

In "Wanted Man," directed by action star Dolph Lundgren, we follow the story of Jack Harper, a former undercover agent who is on the run from both the law and a notorious crime syndicate that he used to work for.

After being framed for a crime he didn't commit, Jack must use all of his skills and training to evade capture and clear his name. Along the way, he is forced to confront his dark past and come to terms with the choices he's made.

As Jack races against time to prove his innocence, he must navigate a dangerous world filled with corrupt officials, ruthless mercenaries, and relentless assassins. With the help of a few allies who are willing to risk everything for him, Jack must stay one step ahead of his pursuers and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy that has turned him into a wanted man.

With heart-pounding action sequences, intense fight scenes, and a gripping storyline, "Wanted Man" is a thrilling and suspenseful ride that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the final showdown. Lundgren brings his signature blend of charisma and physicality to the role of Jack Harper, creating a compelling and complex protagonist who will stop at nothing to clear his name and survive against all odds.