Storyline Cult Killer (2024)

In the small town of Springvale, a cult known as The Order is terrorizing the community with their violent rituals and killings. Detective Rachel Carter, a dedicated officer with a troubled past, is determined to bring the cult leader, Father James, to justice. But when her investigation leads her to a series of dead ends, Rachel realizes she may be in over her head.

Meanwhile, a young woman named Emily is seduced by the charismatic Father James and becomes enthralled with The Order. As she delves deeper into the cult's dark world, Emily begins to question their beliefs and practices. But breaking away from The Order is not easy, and Emily soon finds herself in grave danger.

As Rachel and Emily's paths collide, they must work together to unravel the mysteries surrounding The Order and stop Father James before he claims more innocent lives. But with the cult's insidious influence spreading throughout Springvale, the two women soon realize they may be fighting an enemy more powerful than they ever imagined.

As the body count rises and the stakes grow higher, Rachel and Emily must confront their own demons and overcome their differences to bring down The Order once and for all. Will they succeed in stopping the cult killer before it's too late, or will they become just another victims of The Order's wrath? Directed by Jon Keeyes, this suspenseful thriller is a chilling tale of fear, manipulation, and the ultimate battle between good and evil.